Neo Con Leftist

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bush's religious fanaticism.

President Bush is dubbed a religious fanatic of the worst sort by secularists. A blood-thirsty Christian zealot bent on conquering the world, fully convinced that he is doing the Almighty’s will. Very well if you believe this, but there is one thing: I’m a militant-atheist, and I support our commander-in-chief.

Secularists may sincerely believe that never before have their religious freedoms been so imperiled, as is the case with this conservative warmonger of a president we have. Bastard and fascist! How dare he!

Even a cursory look at Mr. Bush’s record reveals the fact that he has done more for the secularist cause than all leftists combined. Look at what he’s done. He’s overthrown a despotic religious-driven regime in Afghanistan that treated and regarded women as second-class citizens. He’s ousted a brutal tyrant who subjected his citizens to ruthless savagery in the name of Islam. He’s even managed to speak kindly of Islam. Religious fanatic and Christian extremist indeed!

I shall not defend him flaunting his religiosity at every moment, and a bloody stupid fool he can prove to be at times, I admit. But this is America, and our constitution grants every American the right to freely practice his religion in whatever way he sees fit insofar as he does not infringe on the rights of others. It may displease some hardcore non-believers that this is the case, but there you have it.